Where can I find 3D Printable designs?

Making great design takes a lot of knowledge, experience and resources. There are many different ways to learn about designing and many courses are also available in the market that can help. Designing also requires use of resources and redesigned components. There are many websites over the internet that can provide a variety of resources and designs. Most of the sites are free but some are paid and have a community for discussion and solution.

  • MyMiniFactory is one of the most popular websites present on the internet and was launched in June 2013. There is large collection of 3D object downloadable platform. Website provides a free access to thousands of 3D files which can be used by the users. Myminifactory not only provides 3D files, each file is also verified for 3d printing. This is a useful attribute especially when you don’t want to waste valuable time and energy to design from scratch.
  • GrabCAD is another website that can help you download designs. The website is primarily for engineers and features a large library of designs and other useful material. The site offers its own workbench to make work simpler. Various companies are also associated with the platform which makes a perfect place for people searching for a working opportunity. The site claims over 1 million engineers as member of its community with over 1 million free CAD models. So if you are an engineer, designer, or just enthusiastic about designs, this is the perfect destination for you.
  • Thingiverse is another popular website for 3D modelling programs and designs. It allows member of its community to discover, make and share their 3D printable designs. It is the perfect place for people who know 3D designing. They can start by uploading and sharing simple designs. The website already features over 100,000 3d models which can be downloaded and printed easily. It is a perfect platform to learn 3D designing and sharing it with community to gain experience.
    If you like any of the designs, and want them made, you can upload files to Akaar and they will be manufactured and delivered to your doorstep!