Give your window a ‘Facelift’

Windows serve a great purpose in any home or workspace. However, most of them are just relegated to being a slab of glass or few metal rods.

You can give your windows a ‘Facelift’, and let it be designed such that they add additional appeal to your house or workspace.

Following are the ways you go can about creating some beautiful windows.

Laser Cut Screens

There are various design patterns which are available on the internet which can be used to get screens which are then welded or bolted onto a window frame.
You just need a line of the lattice you’d like, and the parts can be laser cut in various metals like Steel, Aluminum etc. Any rusting can be prevented by getting a layer of powder coating done after the screens are cut.

Above image is an example of using Laser cut patterns in place of a static glass window. Using laser cut patterns looks unique, and allows ventilation throughout the space.

Here is another example, where a laser cut screen has been used not just as a functional window, but also enhances the room.

One of the primary advantages of using a laser cut screen as a window is that the room becomes stylish and it fascinates the viewer, all this style without taking any extra space or cluttering the room.

Lattice Panels (Or Jaali Panels)

A lattice screen cut out in wood or stone has been used to replace windows for 100s of years. Examples can be seen in various tombs, and palaces. Below is an example of Jaali being used as windows.

These days, Jaali panels are manufactured by a process called as CNC Routing. Similar to laser cutting, having a line drawing for a 2D profile is sufficient. However, for 3D profile an STL file is needed to manufacture these panels.
Usually made of MDF or Plywood, these can be a great option to use as windows. Jaali panels help keep the space cool, they do so by compressing the air coming in, and increasing the velocity as air passes through the holes.

Above is an example of a simple Jaali used as a window.
So give your windows a facelift, and decorate your home and workspace.