Cool items you can get Laser Cut!

Laser cutting was considered a hi-tech manufacturing process few years back that only a few people had access to. The scenario has changed drastically with the development of technology, and widespread adoption, and Laser cutting is now well within the reach for day to day applications. There are many interesting applications of lasers when it comes to individual creativity or DIY stuff. Below is a list of items which are really cool!

  • Universal lamp shade: You can create your own lamp shade which could be personalized with your favorite patterns and images. All you need is an assortment of pens/pencils for the sketching, a computer with any simple drawing software, a light bulb, a power cord, a light socket, screw driver and finally laser cut parts (which you can get very easily if you just upload you designs here : Akaar).


  • Leather Jackets: Yes, you read that right. Laser cutting through leather jackets can give them a rough sketching look which makes it look trendy and classy. You can even go for laser cutting through tops, with small scale imagery or repeat patterns over it. Wherever you go wearing the laser cut clothing, you’ll definitely stand out amongst others.

Jewellery: You can even go for laser cut earrings and bracelets, with your own personalised patterns and images on them. Get creative with designs, and don’t worry we are sure laser cutting will be able to get you your beautiful designs.


  • Clock: Instead of buying a $100 clock, you can create one of your own through laser cutting. The clock can be customised to your needs, and once you are done with designing one, just upload your designs to Akaar and you’ll have an inexpensive laser cut clock!

  • Coasters: Trendy coasters are a must for all dinner tables, but not everyone can afford them because of their high rates. You can always go for creating your own coasters, that too, with laser cutting. You can get your own customised patterns engraved on the coasters to give it the kind of look you want. What’s left is for you to create a beautiful design and send them to us to get them manufactured and delivered to you 🙂

Other things that you can create with the help of laser cutters include, Book covers, Wooden letters for your café/coffee shop décor, gift tags, patterned bookmarks, etc. So don’t feel shy, just get designing, and Akaar will help you bring them to life! 😀