CNC Routing


CNC Router is a cutting machine that is controlled and manipulated completely by a laptop or computer. It would be wrong to say this device as a wood cutting machine as a huge variety of materials can be cut from these machines aluminum, steel composites, plastics and foams naming a few.

Computer control numeric is the full form of CNC where the tool paths are controlled by computer control numeric so the use of hand to cut (hence human errors) are perfectly eliminated. Here coordinates are uploaded directly into the controller from a different CAD file.

Where CNC routing is used?

Used in the manufacturing of various different items such as door carvings, wooden frames, wood panels, interior and exterior decorations, sign boards moldings, furniture, musical instruments, and more.
CNC routing can also do the job of some of the carpentry shop machines such as panel saw, the boring machine and the spindle moulder, because of this flexibility, you can check out communities such as Opendesk, and Wikihouse which have utilised CNC Routing to create entire houses and furniture!

How to get started with CNC Routing?

If you are looking to start a new venture, have lots of creative designs, you could invest in purchasing a machine, here is a company which sells some really well made machines Ethereal Machines. Alternatively you can avail for CNC Routing service at Akaar. Its simple, just select your material preferences, upload your design and you’ll get an instant quote, after which The finished products will be delivered to your doorstep!

Pros and cons of CNC Routing


CNC Routing provides huge benefits and some of them are listed here:

  1. Reduced waste and time
  2. Numerous related products can be produced in it. Doors, laptop stands, sculptures etc.
  3. Flexibility in materials – You can use acrylic, plywood, mdf or even aluminium.


  1. Expensive to setup
  2. Requires post processing